All of our handcrafted gun holsters are 100% made right here in the good ol' USA!

Coming soon! The newest holster from Dragon Leatherworks, the Valkyrie!

Thats right, we're releasing a new holster for 2014...the Valkyrie. Its our first-ever paddle holster. Of course, its built in the Dragon Leatherworks tradition of overbuilt, solid, and featuring exotic skins. We did loads of research, and decided that the best paddle mounting system out there was the CQC Paddle by BLACKHAWK, so we went about engineering one of our holster designs to take advantage of the BLACKHAWK CQC Paddle.

The coming page on the site will have the story of how it came into being, but the long and short of was a custom request by the prop master at NCIS, specifically for the two-part episode starring Scott Bakula in what may well become a spin-off called NCIS: New Orleans.

You can see screenshots of the holster as seen on the show by visiting our Facebook page , or simply going to the CBS website and watching the episode "Crescent City".

And I'm back in the saddle!

First...I want to thank all the folk who came to this site, saw that there was a health issue I was dealing with, and sent e-mails of support. It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of well-wishes, and it definitely made a difference in raising my spirits.

Now...for what had happened. I experienced chest pains the week before Thanksgiving, went through the battery of tests for heart heart attack, so there was no muscle damage. But there was significant blockage, enough that it warranted a triple bypass. As of the New Year, I've been cleared for light duty work, which means I can get back to my leatherworking, and getting all the backorders done, built, and shipped.

That said...I'm working as hard as I can to get the orders out the door....if you have a pending order, it will be built and shipped as fast as I can get to it. Given that I've been out of commission for roughly six weeks, there are alot of backorders to be built and shipped. I appreciate your patience.

Book Review: Emily gets her Gun

This past October, I was asked by Emily Miller's publisher to review her book, Emily Gets Her Gun. I found it very well written, and recommend it highly. The full review is posted on the Dragon Leatherworks blog, DragonBlasts. Read it here!

Check out the Gunbelt review by Bob Owens!

Bob reviewed our Quantum when it was first released for sale, and he was looking forward to our gunbelt offering earlier this year. Well, the review is in, and its a hit! Read it here!

New store hours!

3:30PM - 7:30PM Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri
11AM - 8PM Sat
Closed Sunday and Monday

Dragon Leatherworks
1956-B Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
1-865-483-7100 during business hours, 1-865-240-1625 after hours.

Naturally, we're be showcasing our holsters, gunbelts, and leather gear, and also offering full-service on firearms, including transfer services, sales, consignments, and trade-ins. We also carry pocket knives, safety accessories for shooters, targets, etc.

Of course, our online website and ordering system will remain for our hand-made custom holster and gunbelt offerings, and our future plans are to tie the website in to our in-store inventory of firearms, supplies, and accessories. This way, our local customers can buy online and come to the store to pick up their purchase, while our out-of-state customers can select from our inventory and have products shipped.

Dragon Leatherworks is now selling firearms!

In keeping with our reputation for high-quality and reasonably-priced holsters, we are going to begin offering high-quality and affordably-priced firearms for sale through the site! And what we will be offering is something that you don't find often...we'll be offering them as stand-alone sidearms and also in packages with holsters and belts, competitively and attractively priced!

As with all firearms sales, there will be restrictions as to which States we will ship to and who we will sell to, and we reserve the right to refuse any firearms transaction. All sales MUST be shipped to Class 01 FFL's (we will not be selling C&R pieces, and as such WILL NOT ship to C&R Class 03 FFL holders) for proper transfer of the firearm. All instructions in completing the transaction will be posted on our site in the coming few weeks.

For now, until we get the ordering system up and running, we will be posting pictures and prices on a Firearms page of just the firearms which we have for sale currently.

Dragon Leatherworks in the News!

We were thrilled when a call came in from Kristen Farley, of the local ABC Affiliate here in Knoxville, wanting to do an interview for a weekly Friday segment called Made In Tennessee.

She had read about the custom Leather Lunchbox that was created for the NCIS character of Abby Sciuto (played by Pauley Perette) which made a screen appearance in the *Playing With Fire* episode. The interview was fun, Kristen was quite the professional, and the segment aired in the 5PM Friday newscast on Sept 7, 2012

You can click here to see a pop-up video of the interview with yours truly in the shop where the leatherwork takes place for each and every holster, belt, and custom request unit that is built.

Read the review of the Quantum by Bob Owens in Shooting Illustrated!

Bob Owens , writing for the NRA magazine Shooting Illustrated, reviewed a Quantum holster. We're thrilled and honored to have recieved such a warm and wonderful review!

The Dragon Leatherworks Mission: Make holsters that fill a need, not an ego.

Holsters that came into being by looking at a need first, finding the solution, then designing the holster to be as visually appealing as possible while doing its job.

All Made in the USA, by hand, one at a time. No mass production. No Chinese partial production with the assembly in the USA so as to claim that it's American Made. No machine assembly using thin, easily collapsing leathers with lightweight stitching. Our stock is heavy leather, ruggedly assembled, designed to last for many years.

Our hand-built, surprisingly well-priced holsters, are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather. This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

Just click on a holster name on the top menu bar to see product photographs, color and hardware choices, testimonials and product reviews, and all the specifics about each of our gun holsters. Thanks for stopping in and giving the Dragon Leatherworks Holsters a look!

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