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Dragon Chimaera Leather Holster

Chimaera: a mythological creature that was part Lion and part Goat, with a Snake for a tail.

So...why Chimaera? The short version: I was asked to design a holster that could be used as a wallet holster, that also could be used as a pocket holster, as well as having snaps to secure it inside of a fanny-pack or a purse. Gievn that the holster would actually be three holsters in one, the chimaera came to mind...three different animals comprising one beast.

The result is a pocket holster, snug to the gun, and fitted perfectly. In its wallet configuration, it disappears easily in a rear hip pocket. Remove the wallet flap and its a minimalist holster for your front pocket. Out for a jog, or going shopping? Remove the wallet flap and snap the holster into your fanny-pack or purse, and you're good to go. We'll happily add a set of snaps to one pack or purse free of charge with your initial order, and a minimal $12 for each additional one.

Made for the recent crop of small pocket guns chambered in .380 ACP or 9mm, all leather, with the ability to make it upscaled with exotic skins, or airbrushed colors.

With the removable wallet flap dressed up in exotic leathers or airbrushed colors, this holster is simply stunning!.


Talon Custom Leather Holster
Talon Custom Leather Holster
Talon Custom Leather Holster

Custom Designs

When you place an order for a Chimaera, you'll have a few choices. Black, or airbrushed color? Straight-up leather, or an exotic skin? Customizing is easy!.

Below are a few samples to help you visualize the design of your one-of-a-kind holster.

Chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster Shown in USMC Black leather, Diamond-pattern inlay with Chocolate Ostrich Leg Leather.
Chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster Shown in British Tan, Diamond-pattern inlay with Red Ostrich Leg Leather.
Chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster Shown in USMC Black leather, Diamond-pattern inlay with Rainbow-dyed Python.
Chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster Shown in Burgundy, Diamond-pattern inlay with Black Stingray.
Chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster Shown in RedBurst. Diamond inlay, Rainbow-dyed Python. Created for Destinee


Your custom Dragon Leatherworks Chimaera pocket holster is a $75 investment. Current lead time for assembly & shipping is 10 weeks. If you order your Chimaera today, it will ship on June 30, 2014. We do not export to foreign countries.

Be aware that the Chimaera is built for a standard pant pocket, not patch-pockets, low-rise style pants/jeans, etc.

Build Your Chimaera Holster

Holster Color
Wallet Flap
Exotic Option
Carry Side
chimaera Custom Leather Pocket Holster

By purchasing a Dragon Leatherworks holster or accessory you hereby acknowledge that you have read the Warranties and Disclaimers, you understand that firearms are dangerous, and release Dragon Leatherworks, its owners, its associates, and employees from any and all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster or any firearm. If purchasing as a gift, you acknowledge that the recipient / end user is knowledgeable in the safe handling and use of firearms.

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"I've got to say, I think Dennis really has a winner of an idea here. The leather backing snaps right off for a standard pocket holster, and a couple of snaps added to one's purse or fanny pack allow the holster to be secured inside the pack if desired. With the back in place, the holster looks like any standard billfold sitting in a back pocket."
- JayG of MArooned

"Its like Christmas whenever you get a package from Dragon Leatherworks in your mailbox! Back in January, I mentioned that I was looking for a fanny-pack style holster. I got some excellent advice, so I took that advice and ended up going to Dennis. I asked if he could figure out a way to attach one of his Wyvern holsters into a pack for me. Dennis, being the awesome guy he is, took that idea and ran with it, coming up with his Chimaera holster..."
- Heather of Arma Borealis

Designed For These
Firearm Models

Beretta Nano

Boberg XR-9

Kahr CM9

Kahr P380

Kahr P380 w/ Crimson Trace Laserguard

Kahr PM9

KelTec P3AT

KelTec P3AT w/ LG 430

KelTec PF9

Kimber Solo

Ruger LC9

Ruger LC9 w/ LaserMax Centerfire

Ruger LC9 w/ LG 412

Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP w/ LaserMax Centerfire

Ruger LCP w/ LG 431

Sig P238

SIG P238 w/CTC LaserGuard

SIG P938

Smith & Wesson BodyGuard .380

Taurus 738 TCP .380

Taurus 738 TCP .380 w/ LG 407

Don't see your gun listed here? Let us know what kind of firearm you have before ordering, and we'll let you know if we can secure the right model to make sure your Chimaera is a perfect fit.

Why buy a Dragon Leatherworks Holster?

Because it's a quality American-made product at an affordable price.

These hand-built holsters are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather.

This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.